Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is one of the most infamous medical conditions known to men. You can find a wealth of articles about it online, but only a handful of that can offer sound information based on hard science.

Let’s skip the fake news and get that facts straight. Here are seven myths about ED we can debunk now.

Myth #1: Only older men have to worry about ED

This myth says you don’t have to worry about ED if you’re still young. Yes, the likelihood of getting ED increases with age, but about 15% of men under 40 years live with ED.

Myth #2: If you can get an erection, you probably don’t have ED

Probably, but don’t get too comfortable. Being able to get an erection doesn’t necessarily rule out ED. If you’re consistently unable tomaintain an erection for satisfactory sex, you still might have it.

Myth #3: If you have one bad night, you better get help right away

Don’t get too paranoid. If you can’t get it up one night, a number of other causes could be to blame, including excessive alcohol consumption, physical tiredness, and mental exhaustion, to name a few.

A single off-night shouldn’t compell you to get ED meds right away. If you feel troubled about your performance in bed, schedule an appointment with a health practitioner. They’d be better trained to diagnose your condition, if you even have one in the first place.

Myth #4: ED is a simple problem isolated to your mickey

No, ED is a bit more complex than that. Normally, upon arousal, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and hormones work in symphony to create an erection.

Several risk factors can alter this process, including diabetes, alcohol, obesity, stress, a nervous disorder, a sleep disorder, tobacco, and certain medications (like anti-depressants). More often than not, solving the underlying cause of ED (which could simply be a bad habit) can fix the condition.

Myth #5. You need a specialist to treat ED

While a urologist specializes in treating ED and other similar conditions, your primary care physician is a great place to start. They can even prescribe the first-line of ED drugs (PDE-5 inhibitors). Seek help from a specialist only if the treatments prescribed by your primary care physician are ineffective.

Myth #6. ED is just a mind game

Yes, ED can result from psychological stress, but that’s not the sole cause of the problem. While stressing about something can play a role in making it difficult to achieve an erection, ED can just as well be caused by a combination of psychological and physical factors.

Seeking help from a psychologist when the ED is caused by obesity, tobacco, or a weak circulatory system would be ineffective against ED. As mentioned, be sure to first visit your primary care physician to help you uncover your ED’s underlying cause. And if you guys can’t figure it out and effectively manage it together, your doctor will at least be able to refer you to someone who can.

Myth #7. Viagra is your only option

While Viagra is undoubtedly the most common prescription for ED, it’s not the only remedy or FDA-approved solution.

There’s also Levitra and Cialis, for example. Other options include vacuum erection devices, gene therapy, surgery, and shockwave therapy. Again, talk it over with your doctor. They’ll help you hone in on the best option for you.

Disclaimer: This information isn’t a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should never rely upon this article for specific medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your doctor.

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