Have sex in front of the mirror
Have sex in a car
Give your partner a nude photoshoot
Make a nude photoshoot with your partner
Try sexting
Try massage candles or oil
Start your sex with a massage
And try it if both of you are ready
Talk about an anal sex
Tie a partner’s hands and/or feet
Blindfold your partner
Share with each other role-play fantasy
Watch a romantic film
For example, warming up
Try exciting lubricant
Or grape from the freezer
Try oral sex with the ice cubes
Sex toys are a great asset to increase arousal. They have changed a lot during the last 5 years, and they didn’t look like big dildos or something like that. Sex toys don’t replace men in sex but give an extra sensation to both women and men. You can try vibrators, rings, wands, and more. Choose them together or make a surprise.
Try sex toys
Masturbate in front of each other
Have sex in a shower
Have sex in a car
Wake up your partner with the oral sex
Make together a “sex playlist.”
It can be either poker or truth or dare. Choose your favorite one.
Play a game of strip
Limit yourself to oral sex
Rose petals, candles, new bed sheets, garlands, perfume. Show your imagination!
Decorate your bed
This checklist was made to inspire you and your partner. You can read it alone or with your partner. You can make your own checklist.
Remember – everything is normal as long as you and your partner both want it.
Before you open a checklist:
"What to try" checklist