"I have a reason for a refund"
If you purchased a subscription via the app and want to get a refund:

  1. Open The App Store
  2. Tap on your profile icon on the top right
  3. Tap on your name
  4. Tap on Purchase History
  5. Choose The Coach App
  6. Go for Report a problem and choose a refund
The best time to do that is within 48 hours after the purchase. Don't forget to state the refund reason, too: the App Store usually accepts "unintentional purchase/purchase by mistake." Note, however, that Apple makes the sole decision on whether a customer should receive a full refund on an app. You may wish to find more details here:

If you purchased a subscription via the website and want to get a refund, please reply to this email with the following info:

  1. Refund reason
  2. The last four digits of your credit card number or the PayPal email you used for the purchase
The funds will appear on your card statement within 30 days.