If you want to dive deeper:
Did you know that women can have 11 types of orgasms? Do you know how to help her get them? Exactly…
Sex life is not society. It's you.

It's your ego.
And all these women out there have most likely never experienced anything beyond what all of those terrible lovers are able to offer.
Another important thing to understand, it's not just the men. 

It takes two (at least) to have sex.
Uninspired and selfish at best, boring and unsexy, at worst.
Most guys you know, as well as the majority of men you meet in your daily life are not great lovers.
Failing to do so will leave you with a limiting belief of sorts. It will leave you with an idea that your worth is determined by things like penis size and the amount of muscle in your upper body. This is just bullshit. Forget it. All of it.
The role of men in sex is to give, 

and by giving you receive.
What you need to know:
The reason we begin with addressing your mindset around sex and intimacy is simple. Modern society is focused on all the wrong things. Guys spend thousands of dollars on pick-up courses and hook-up seminars and then get hyper-fixated on trying to woo as many women as possible. There are many reasons why this approach doesn’t work, but the most glaring problem with this quantity-over-quality approach is the wrong focus.
Bedroom techniques
Communicating with women
Changing your mindset
This module consists of three important levels:
Outlining basic terms
Cameron Fraser
Australia's Leading Men's Sex Coach
Each partner you encounter is going to be unique. By approaching your sex life from that standpoint and recognizing and honoring their uniqueness, you will form a special kind of bond. The bond that, when paired together with a strong emotional connection, full of spikes and excitement, can set you up to become the best lover in the whole wide world for her.
Learn your partner's triggers, observe and memorize — what gets them going? What turns them off? How quickly do they get aroused, and how easily does it pass? How do they usually go about pleasuring themselves?
Understand your partner
Rule 3
Everything you’re used to doing, you need to be doing 5 times slower. Yes, five times slower. Your touch, your movements, your kisses – everything needs to be 5 times slower than you’re used to. And obviously, taking your time also helps build pressure, and it often just feels good.
Go slow
Rule 2
Sometimes it’s even worse – her best sex was with herself, and then this becomes her inner limit.
Your true role is to be a key. You’re what will unlock your woman’s pleasure and potential, you will show her what she can experience and feel, and trust me, she will appreciate it. And you know why? It’s simply because any woman (just like any man) is limited by her own experience. Her best lover is her limit.
Be the key
Rule 1
Key points:
If you want to dive deeper:
Today, I’d like to provide you with three practical ground rules that will help you completely transform your sex life.
After you’ve made the first step towards accepting your sexuality and internalizing the fact that men and women are just wired differently, you can begin to act on it.
Three Golden Rules for Mind-blowing Sex
The message you want to try and send is this:
"I care about you, I want to put you first tonight." Make sure you set intentions clear but don't be too direct.
And let’s talk about communication.
To further help set the mood — candles and music. The rule here is simple: they shouldn’t distract you or her. So no strong fragrances and music should also be neutral and not too loud.
Dimmed light – it will help create the right atmosphere. Every single woman thinks something about her body is imperfect. Bright lights can put her into the defensive mode, switching her amygdala back on.
Cleanliness. Make sure your bedroom, your living room, and your bathroom are speckless. And don’t forget about fresh, clean bedsheets.
Shorter (text) version:
Full information is on the video:
This a list of very important things you need to complete before your next sex. You can read or watch it now and revisit it before your next act.
Getting the setting ready
Practice 1
Don't forget to use your mouth and tongue here, as well. Those aren't just for kissing! Relax your tongue, make it soft, and lick her if you notice her reacting particularly well to you touching a specific zone. Behind her ear, her neck, the inside of your thighs — all these can be a great place to start. Don't slobber though, things shouldn't get too wet just yet.
Now it’s time for you to get undressed. Don’t take off your underwear just yet. And remember: socks go off before the pants do!
Part 6
Now it’s time to help her undress. You take off her top slowly, you can turn her on her back, or on her belly, let her sit on your lap, and take it off slowly. The sequence is this: you pull off a piece of her clothes, then get back to kissing her neck, lips, shoulders. Don’t touch her breasts yet.
Part 5
If you do everything right, at this moment she will beg for you to have sex with her already. But you don't hurry. This is a sign that you're doing a great job here. This is just the beginning.
After some time, you can lay down. Don’t stop kissing and petting her. And always look for feedback. You touched her belly, did she move? Did she moan? Remember, you need to be relaxed, but present. You note all her erogenous zones, you pay attention to all her reactions.
Part 4
You slowly add touching. There are several ways to touch a woman, you can do it with the outer side of your fingers, or with the inside of your palm. Whatever technique you choose, you do it slowly, observing her reaction.
Part 3
Think about kissing her. Good kissing is only possible when everything is totally relaxed. The lips, tongue, the muscles around the mouth all need to be soft, and gentle. You can apply pressure strategically, throw in some pull-and-push action, go all in for a second, and then withdraw just to look her in the eye and admire what you see.
Part 2
Start touching her, not yet even kissing, just touching. Start observing how she reacts, what she likes most, how her arousal awakens.
Part 1
Before you get to the action, remember the golden rule! Everything you want to do, you have to do five times as slowly. Don’t rush things just yet.
Shorter (text) version:
Full information is on the video:
Your guide to the perfect foreplay. You can read or watch it now and get back to it before your next bedroom act.
Practice 2
After that, by combining gentle G-spot stimulation with using your tongue or fingers on her clitoris, you can easily make any woman climax. It might take some time to perfect, but this move is your most powerful weapon, so use it wisely.
So, how do you find the G-spot? It's simple – you just start caressing, stroking and gently applying pressure to every part of this area with circular motions, and very attentively observe how your woman reacts. It may not happen instantly, but you will eventually find the G-spot.
When you stimulate this area it gets a bit bigger and swells. And after a while you should be able to locate the actual G-spot, the most sensitive part of female anatomy. Making a woman as aroused as possible will make this much easier, so take your time here.
Try softly massaging this area while eating her out and look at her reaction. This might take some trial and error since each body is different, but if you’re taking it slow and being gentle with her, you aren’t going to hurt her — things will still feel incredible even if you can’t find her G-spot just yet.
When putting fingers inside her, you need to try and aim for the much-fabled G-spot. This isn’t really a single spot, instead you’re better off thinking about it as a G-area. The G-area lies about two inches in on the top wall of the vagina. By applying some gentle pressure this area, you are stimulating one of the most important part of human sexual anatomy.
The best way to get the woman to climax is to stimulate her clitoris and the insides of her vagina together. But first, practice those two zones separately and only then learn how to do that together simultaneously.
To turn things up a notch, introduce your fingers. But first, forget about everything you saw in porn. You start with one finger, relax it, make it soft, enter her, slowly and gently. Put it in a little bit deeper then pull it back out. Give it a taste. Put it in her mouth to give her a taste. Then put it in again. Take your time, this alone can take up to like five minutes. And of course, don't forget to keep things wet. At some point, you can try and add a second finger, but be extra careful here! It has to be gentle and soft, watch out for hurting her with your nails or not enough lubrication. No matter what you do, keep your fingers soft and wet!
If she wants to play with herself — this is a great chance for you to see the professional in action. Watch and learn! Or just ask her if it feels good.
Don’t stop paying attention to her reactions. What makes her gasp and hold her breath? What makes her moan and move her thighs? You need to be constantly reading her signals.
Keep reading her signals and doing slightly different things with your tongue. Eventually, you’ll find a motion that she reacts to the best. It can be a circular motion, or a side-by-side kind of thing, maybe even in-and-out. Just take it slow, and keep watching her face and her body as you move. It’s your job to find it.
Stick your tongue out and relax it, make it soft. Then, cover the whole area around her clitoris with your tongue. Let it sit for a bit and observe her reactions. After a few seconds, it’ll start driving her crazy. Then, you can slowly start to make small movements with your relaxed tongue.
All around her vagina is a very gentle erogenous zone you can work with in many different ways. Use your tongue, but remember it has to be fully relaxed, stuck out, and as wet as possible. Don’t be afraid to get things too wet — at this point, there is no such thing as too wet.
Shorter (text) version:
Oral sex
Practice 3
Full information is on the video:
You don’t need to use lots of different positions either. You’re better off using a few, but doing it right. To keep things exciting, you can use your hands, your mouth, and tongue, play with her body, talk dirty to her. If you get good at this, missionary alone will be enough to produce mind-blowing orgasms for the both of you. Don’t be afraid to use a new, different, weird position every now and then, but then always fall back on the ones that you’ve already mastered since this is what feels the best for her.
Once again, your penis needs to stimulate the same G-area in the same kind of way as you were just doing with your fingers. It’s not about going fast or going deep. It’s about stimulating this one specific zone inside her.
When it comes to penetrative sex you basically need to repeat the same motions, but this time with your penis instead of your fingers. Your hands can also help here but taking care of her clitoris and that erogenous zone around her vagina.
Now that you have her so turned on she can’t think straight, it’s time to progress. By now you must have had your chance to get a good feeling for how her body works, for what feels good, and what she likes most.
Shorter (text) version:
Full information is on the video:
You can read or watch it now and get back to it before your next bedroom act.
The last part of the practice is penetrative sex. Make sure that this is part always go after all previous.
Penetrative sex
Practice 3