Studies have found that Kegels are the most effective exercises when it comes to strengthening puborectalis tone. They improve erections, orgasms, and ejaculations. This workout is particularly effective for ED and PE, provides incontinence relief, and increases orgasm intensity.

8 out of 10 men report significant improvements after just 6 weeks of practice. But remember, this is a bare minimum to see a change in any muscle strength. It will take you just 10 minutes a day, but your sex life satisfaction is definitely worth that little input from you.
Pelvic diaphragm muscles support your urethra, rectum, prostate, bladder, bowel and get the blood flow to your groin. Most of us lead sedentary lives and do not train these muscles, so they get loose with time. But you can efficiently train these muscles with exercises that improve their strength.
If you want to dive deeper into the theory:
How pelvic muscles should be trained?
Why should it help?
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Finding your pelvic floor muscles
Squeeze and hold your muscles for 5 seconds. Relax for 5 seconds. And do it again 4-5 times.
Try to stop it now and hold tight for the count of 5. Then rest for 5 seconds.

And then do it again (4-5 times).
Now you know how to perform Kegel Exercises. Next time you urinate, try to stop the flow to memorize the feeling for the upcoming practice.

But for now, let's finish off with two more sets of five-second holds using a different technique.

A helpful trick to find the right flexion is to tense muscles that keep you from passing gas. Let's try this one.
Before we dive deeper into the practice, it's important that you time to actually locate those muscles. It may take you several times to find them, but don't get discouraged.

For now, make sure your bladder is empty and when you're ready sit in a comfortable position.

The most common way to find the right muscles is to try stopping and starting your urine stream. As you perform this exercise, imagine someone walks into a batthroom while you are urinating. And you need to stop your urine flow.
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Practice 1
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Your first Kegel Exercise
Do it again (4 more times)
Rest for 5 seconds
Hold for 5 seconds
Squeeze your muscles
You have completed your workout!
Today we will do a seated Kegel practice:
5 reps for 5 seconds each.

Sit in a comfortable position, and make sure your bladder and bowels are empty.

Get ready to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles.
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    For best results, please follow the video version:
    Practice 2
    last longer in bed
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