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Mike Navratil
Worked with hundreds of athletes, and weekend warriors to help them take their fitness to the next level, and you're next!
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Lifestyle changes
Performance and Function
Strength training
Born and raised in Ohio and a former collegiate athlete, performing at a high level has always been a part of my life, and now I get to help those I work with perform and learn how to do so at a high level. I have worked with college athletics for 7 years, and have also worked in the private sector helping people achieving goals such as working out for the first time, to preparing for national championships. I like to treat all my clients like athletes, because we all have the goal to perform at a high level, though our specific goals in that realm may change.
I live in Ohio with my wife Sophia, and enjoy spending my free time outside at the lake, with friends, or traveling.
CSCS (strength and conditioning)
PN1 (precision nutrition certified coach)
RPR (reflexive performance reset)
USAW (Sport performance coach)
Time outdoors
Quality time with family
Beer and bourbon
Central Ohio
How does Personal Coaching work?
Once you join Personal Coaching, the first thing you do is schedule a call via FaceTime to meet your new coach, discuss your preferences and goals. Your coach is a real personal trainer who's there to support you on your journey. Once you start training, expect him to be always online to check in with you, create a training plan every week, and respond to any questions or changes in real-time. You can also FaceTime each other from time to time to check on the progress together.
What if I don't have a gym membership or a home gym?
Not an excuse. Your coach creates a custom workout plan that matches your unique setup. He will take everything into account, from outdoor running to your vacation equipment and group classes you may wish to attend. His goal is to create a convenient and realistic training plan that you can stick to no matter where you are.
How will my coach track my progress?
Your coach uses your inputs in The Coach App and the automatically-collected data the app generates when you follow your daily plan and respond to day-to-day check-ups.
Can I change my coach?
No worries on that one. Our team is dedicated to your success, and we'll make sure to find you a perfect match. We can connect you with one of our Coach Advisors to help you select a new coach that will meet your expectations. Feel free to also text our support team with your preferences or concerns at
Can I talk to a Coach Advisor about my preferences and goals?
Yes! We are happy to hear more about your priorities and objectives to ensure you have your perfect PT match. You can reach our team to arrange a call at
What is The Coach's cancellation policy?
We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience. That's why you can try Private Coaching risk-free for your first month, and we'll give you a full refund if you decide to cancel. After, you can also cancel any time, and we won't charge you again. If you are ever unsatisfied with our service, you can email us at
What kind of time commitment do I have to make?
Private Coaching is designed to fit your schedule — not the other way around. Your coach will plan your workouts based on what's realistic to accomplish and will make changes during the week to fit into your timetable.
How does Private Coaching work when I'm traveling?
Your coach designs your workouts to incorporate equipment available during your travels: a hotel gym, resistance bands that you bring in, or nothing at all.
How can I listen to my own music during my workouts?
Just select your preferred audio in the app before starting the workout. You'll have both channels playing at the same time. Don't want to hear the instructions? Just mute your phone :)
What if I have an injury or special needs?
If your medical professional has cleared you for exercise, working with a personal coach will only be beneficial for preventing and managing common chronic conditions and injuries. Your coach will design a safe and effective workout plan that meets your specific needs.
Is The Coach available for Android?
The Coach App is currently available for iPhone users only, but the Android version is coming. Promise! Send us an email at if you want to be notified when the Android app becomes available.
In what countries is The Coach available?
The Coach App and its Private Coaching feature are both available worldwide; however, at the moment, we only coach in English.
How do I cancel my membership?
We'd love the opportunity to make things right and improve your experience. If you have any issues, want to share feedback with someone from our team, or cancel your subscription, please contact us at
How does pausing my membership work?
We can pause your membership for one, two, or three months. When paused, you'll still have a spot reserved with your personal coach. You won't be charged until your return. You can email for assistance.
Can I pause my membership for less than one month?
We do not offer the option to pause for less than one month. If you're expecting a short-term change in your routine or heading on vacation, just let your coach know! He can adapt your workouts to fit your changing schedule so that you can continue working towards your goals.
How do I edit my profile?
You can update your profile information in the app at any time. Just head to Program > (…) at your upper right corner > Personal Data.
Where can I adjust my program?
Your coach is always happy to update your plan. You can message him directly in the chat feature inside The Coach App.
What is the cost of my Coaching Membership?
The first month costs $9.99. After your membership will renew monthly for $89.99, and you can cancel anytime. Your membership includes full access to The Coach App features, your personal coach feature, and unlimited workouts customized each month.