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5 days ago
Just wanted to say that I am finding your app useful. I am still learning how to use it, and implement everything. I LOVE the Intermittent Fasting timer.
1 aug
First of all a big thanks for developing such an amazing app. It's a great platform to get knowledge on key health issues related to men's well being.
30 july
I'm really excited about the app! Thanks a lot !!! I appreciate it a lot! Thank you! I really enjoy your project!
25 july
My meal plan in the app kept me away from buying trash food today lol I think it's success
18 july
Basically, it is what they say it is. one app for all things men's health. I use it for workouts and meditations. Works well for me, good job
7 july
Very good! But why does such a long survey have to be done for use?
Awesome chance to workout with celebrity fitness coaches! I have followed Eric Hinman for a long time. Already tried HIIT, boxing and even some yoga.
26 june
Thanks from my GF for those awesome techniques in bed and tips on relationships.
Boost your testosterone naturally. No pills.
Boost your testosterone naturally.
No pills.
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