What’s a multi-orgasmic man? Being one involves much more than having multiple orgasms. If you’re a multi-orgasmic man, you have complete, or near-complete control over your sexual pacing. You’ve mastered your body’s capacity to climax in the bedroom, and you’ve mastered your ability to get your partner off, too.

The term came from a book by Mantak Chia The Multi-Orgasmic Man. But if you don’t want to read through the 240 pages of Eastern-Philosophy-inspired lessons in post-pubescent sexual development, we’ve delved into the subject for you.

So, what special skills do you need to become a multi-orgasmic man?

#1. Muscle Control

The physical component behind multiple orgasms involves performing Kegel exercises. These strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which control the inflow and outflow of urine from the bladder. These same muscles are also associated with more intense orgasms and improved erections.

To perform Kegel exercises, do the following:

1. Locate the pelvic floor muscles by stopping, or slowing down the flow of urine while you’re urinating. Don’t hold your breath or tense your leg or abdominal muscles.

2. Contract your pelvic floor muscles for a slow count of five (or more).

3. Now relax these muscles for a slow count of five.

4. Repeat this cycle of contraction and relaxation 10 times.

5. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions daily, with a day or two off each week.


  • Perform 20 flutters — brief, repeated contractions lasting around a second.
  • You can also create mini pelvic workouts — for example, by performing 10 holds for 5 seconds each, followed by 3 sets of 20 flutters.

Mix and match your holds and flutters to create a balanced pelvic workout. Holds build strength, and flutters build control.

#2. Breathing

Deep, long breathing techniques will help stave off ejaculation during sexual performance. Due to the nature of ejaculation, when it approaches, your breathing will become quick and shallow. Resist that. When the sensation of climax begins, take a slow, deep breath, and hold it for three seconds. Repeat, and notice your stamina increase. Practice this while masturbating, and then implement it in the bedroom.

#3. Edging

This technique involves bringing yourself to just before the point of climax and stopping. This way, you control your pacing and climactic finish. Do this by using the breathing techniques and Kegel exercises in unison.

Get Multi-Orgasmic, Man

So there you have it, our go-to guide to helping you become multi-orgasmic. Practice, practice, practice — be it on your own or with your partner. Put in the work, and eventually you’ll reap the rewards. Greater stamina, better pacing, and stronger erections and orgasms await you.

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