5 Common Reasons For Low Libido

There will be times when you just don’t feel like having sex. No matter what you do, there is no way of forcing yourself into doing it.

Your libido has taken a nosedive. Before jumping to conclusions and feeling worried that you may not be attracted to your partner anymore, know that there are several factors that influence libido. It’s not just about your feelings.

5 Common Physical Reasons For Low Libido

Physical Illness

Some physical health conditions may affect your sexual function.

Many women and men suffering from the following illnesses report a significant decrease in their libido:

Heart problems — Atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease may result in limited blood flow. This results in a lack of lubrication, less sensations during sex and low sex drive.

High blood pressure — High blood pressure can result in blood vessel damage and decreased blood flow.

Neurological disorders — Any illness that affects the nervous system, the brain, nerves and spinal cord can affect sexual function. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, meningitis and injury to the brain and spinal cord are among the major types of neurological disorders.

To prevent these health conditions from ruining your sex life, you should maintain optimal overall health.


Medical conditions require treatment in the form of medications. Sadly, some prescription medications can dampen your sex drive, arousal, and desire.

Antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti-seizures particularly benzodiazepines, H2 blockers and diuretics and beta-blockers for high blood pressure are on the list of libido killer medications.
If you are taking one of these medicines, do not stop taking it just because you want to improve your sex life. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. He or she may be able to recommend alternative medicines, or reduce your dosage.

Lifestyle Habits

If alcohol is your go-to after a hard day, which seems like every day, do not be surprised if your sex life takes a plummet. Excessive intake of alcohol regularly can decrease blood flow, which may make it hard for you to be sexually aroused.

Red wine is a popular choice for alcohol due to its reported health benefits. But, you should still stick with a limited amount of intake, which is typically one serving per day.

Diet plays a vital role in your overall health. If your body lacks several important nutrients at once, it decreases you chances of getting aroused because your body may not be “firing on all cylinders”.

All-natural supplements are available that you could take to charge up your sex drive.


Lack of sleep, too much work, looking after the kids and taking care of your family’s needs can leave you physically exhausted.

It’s hard to fantasize about sex and to act it out, if all your body wants is nothing but rest and sleep.

If you don’t want to reject your partner constantly, learn to balance your priorities. If you can afford to hire a babysitter once a week or every two weeks, then find one and go out on a date with you partner. Sex is part of nurturing your relationship, so you must not take it for granted.


Long working hours, demanding jobs, family issues and the general state of the world can stress you out and make your sex life suffer. Stress affects the libido in many ways. A lot of people are emotional eaters and tend to overeat when stressed, and this could lead to weight gain.
Poor body image makes you less confident in bed. Stress makes you resort to substance abuse, such as the excessive intake of alcohol. Too much alcohol will decrease blood flow, which can lessen sensations and arousal.

Most importantly, stress triggers the release of the hormone, cortisol. Your body needs cortisol, but only in little amounts. Your body will produce high levels of cortisol when stressed. If this happens constantly, cortisol can suppress your sex hormones, and eventually will lead to libido loss.


A lot of men and women suffer from loss of libido due to many reasons. Before feeling guilty about it, ask your doctor to help you rule out these five physical causes first.
And remember, you are not alone. Sometimes it may feel like you’re the only one in the world that’s not interested in sex, but rest assured, you’re not.

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