Trump-Biden pillowcase is ‘first reverse sex aid’ 

A unique new pillowcase designed to help men who peak too soon during intercourse is billing itself as the world’s first “reverse sex aid”.  

Instead of spicing up your sex life, like a traditional sex aid, the first “reverse sex aid” helps men who experience premature ejaculation (PE) slow things down and delay their climax. 

It does so by helping them switch their focus to something less arousing – in this case, the rival campaign pledges of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, on such unsexy subjects as data privacy, zoning regulations and federal procurement. 

The new pillowcase is the creation of The Coach, a men’s health app and personalized health service that enlists leading health experts to help men with challenges like PE, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone and porn addiction. 

“Instead of sexual positions, it shows the campaign positions of the two Presidential candidates,” says Lindsay Stevens, spokesperson for The Coach. “Thinking of something else in this way is a popular way to try and delay ejaculation.” 

“Pace Your Race – with Biden-Trump Campaign Pledges,” urges the front of the pillowcase, beside an image of the two Presidential candidates embracing. 

Users of it wanting to slow their pace to extend their term can then flip over the pillowcase and study rival Trump and Biden pledges on everything from federal procurement reform to zoning regulations, interagency coordination, technical standards and bureaucratic reform. 

Between 30% and 40% of American men experience PE at some point in their lives. It’s both the most common type of male sexual dysfunction and the most popular program on The Coach.

Google searches for “help with premature ejaculation” have been trending upwards for the last decade, even more clearly so since 2020. Potential explanations range from the growing use of porn to growing anxiety to weaker pelvic muscles due to greater physical inactivity. 

“We asked our users what they’d tried to overcome PE and most had tried to distract themselves by trying to think of something completely different,” says Lindsay Stevens. 

The Coach also offers users an eight-week “Last Longer” program – featuring more orthodox and proven solutions to PE. It includes modules on physiology, psychology, skills and techniques, as well as natural supplements and exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and gain control over ejaculation.

It aims to eliminate PE and increase intercourse duration by 250% in under two months, while 58% of its users report a greater ability to prolong intercourse and control ejaculation after following its program for just four weeks. 

“While premature ejaculation (PE) is a particularly common concern for men, there are several options currently available to help men last longer,” say Dr. Amy Pearlman M.D., a board-certified urologist, specialist in male sexual health and one of The Coach’s resident experts. 

“One common treatment involves using medications often used to treat anxiety and depression, called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). Because SSRIs can lead to other sexual side effects and even prolonged side effects even after discontinuation, I’m very hesitant to prescribe these medications for my patients at Prime Institute.

“Instead, I’m always interested in discovering options for PE that are effective and, just as important, safe- these include topical sprays/wipes, training devices, cognitive behavioral therapy, and even fun distractions like “reverse sex-aid pillowcase”. Men can easily and safely use any of these techniques in solo or combination to last longer.”

The Trump-Biden pillowcase is just one of three alternative “reverse sex-aid” pillowcases that The Coach is launching at once. 

Another one features baseball statistics, under the headlines, “The Long Game: Baseball Stats to Keep You Longer at Bat” and, on the reverse side, “Slow Your Game to Extend Your Innings, With Obscure Baseball Trivia.” 

The third pillowcase bears the headline, “And Now for Something Completely Different: Switch your focus to slow your roll.” And then, on its reverse side, suggests, in the format of a Periodic table, a variety of “Distractions to Aid Delay: Try thinking instead about one of the below.” 

Many of the suggested distractions were submitted by users of The Coach. They range from “Revolutionary theories that shaped modern physics” to “The dates of every U.S. President in chronological order”, the lyrics for Bohemian Rhapsody and simply “My grandparents having sex.” 

How to buy a “reverse sex-aid” pillowcase 

You can buy any of The Coach’s three alternative versions of its unique “reverse sex-aid” pillowcase for $19.99 each, via this Shopify link

About The Coach 

The Coach is a men’s health app and personalized health service for men, which helps them fix what their local doctor doesn’t, including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, porn addiction and hormonal imbalance (raising testosterone naturally). 

It lets users choose the dedicated program that suits their needs and learn from leading men’s health and sex experts. It offers a life-long health management program, including supplements to address key deficiencies, and then tracks progress and tailors the program along the way, while educating, motivating and engaging users to help them adhere. 

A one-year subscription to The Coach costs $59.99, or from $9.99/month