Start the day right with a healthy, balanced breakfast. I suggest:

- Tall hearty stack of cottage cheese pancakes, hold back on the syrup.
- Some fresh fruit.
- 10-15 unsalted raw or roasted nuts of your choice.

Say no to takeout, fast food, and vending machine lunches. Here is some inspiration for a balanced wholesome lunch:

- Chicken or turkey thighs, cooked to your liking. Keep it light and use as little oil as you can, since thighs are pretty fatty as is. Roasting, baking or poaching are good low-fat cooking methods.
- Large side salad with as many bright and colorful vegetables as you can fit in a bowl. Throw in some chickpeas, brown rice or bulgur for an extra energy boost.

Don't forget to go easy with fat and sugar at dinner today! Here are some ideas for a light but filling dinner:

- Large bowl of hearty vegetable soup.
- Side salad with some legumes or mushrooms to keep it light but hearty.
You can't control everything in your life, but you can control what you put in your body