Say no to cereal this morning, start your day right! Here is some breakfast inspiration:

- Bowl of oatmeal with a handful of berries or low sugar fruit. Do not go for the instant oats though, those are usually filled with excessive sugar and sodium.
- Whole wheat toast with cottage cheese, half an avocado, or some leftover fish, chicken, or meat you have in your fridge.
- 10-15 unsalted raw or roasted nuts of your choice. Peanuts don't really count, pecans, walnuts or almonds are the best.

At lunch today, try to avoid highly processed foods, simple carbs, and sugary treats. Here are some ideas for a light but filling meal:

- Main dish high in protein, such as lean cuts of beef, turkey breast or tofu. Cook them low and slow with as little added oil as possible.
- Nice and hearty side salad with greens, nuts, seeds and maybe some legumes or mushrooms for an extra energy boost.

The later your dinner is, the more important it is to keep it light. That said, you still need enough protein to last you throughout the night since this is when your body needs it to build and repair. For dinner today we suggest:

- Main dish of baked, roasted or grilled vegetables. Go easy on the starchy ones like potatoes, and feel free to add mushrooms or beans to make it extra filling.
- Some lean beef, chicken or turkey breast for extra protein. Cook them low and slow with little extra oil.