Breakfast time! Be creative today, skip those boring classic breakfast food, OJ and cereal aren't making you any good. Here are some better ideas:

- 2 or 3 scrambled eggs or shakshuka with some veggies, ham, hard cheese or feta.
- Whole wheat toast with cottage cheese, 100% peanut butter or sugar-free jam.
- 10-15 unsalted raw or roasted nuts of your choice. If you got time, soak them in water beforehand to activate the nuts and access all those micronutrients!

What's for lunch today? Make sure you hit all your macronutrient needs with this meal. A good, well-balanced lunch will keep you going until dinner time. Today we suggest:

- Hearty main dish salad, with as many colorful greens as possible and some lean protein such as poultry, meat, or fish. Hold back on the dressing though.
- Half a cup of grain or legumes for some extra energy.

Nothing better than a wholesome healthy dinner to wrap up a nice productive day. In need of dinner inspiration? We got you covered!

- Chicken or turkey breast, cooked with as little oil as possible.
- Side of leafy greens such as lettuce, kale or baby spinach.
- Modest portion of healthy grains such as buckwheat, bulgur or brown rice.