About The Coach
Who is Coach?
The Coach is an app designed to make you look and feel ten years younger. The Coach itself is a chatbot crafted by a team of 18 experts in nutrition, sleep, sports, sexology, psychology, endocrinology and hormonal balance. Thanks to their knowledge, The Coach can develop a personal self-improvement program just for you and provide daily recommendations that adapt to your progress.
Is Coach a human?
No, Coach is an AI-powered chatbot that packs the knowledge of a whole team of experts in nutrition, sleep, sports, sexology, psychology, endocrinology and hormonal balance. The bot is designed to protect your confidentiality and does not give out your personal information to any third party, so you can ask him everything you want! It already knows enough, but if one of your questions has stumped him — rest assured, he will do the research and get back to you soon.
Are there any restrictions on using the app?
The Coach was designed to be used by men only. The advice provided in the app is most suitable for men. We will also always warn you about the recommendations that may not be suitable for those suffering from chronic diseases, allergies, and other ailments. That said, if you have any pre-existing conditions, make sure to consult your doctor first.
Do I have to follow all of the advice provided?
We do not insist on following all the recommendations that The Coach provides. We understand that you may simply not have the time to follow some of the advice and that new habits are best introduced gradually. So the choice is always yours. But keep in mind — the best results can only be achieved by thoroughly and consistently implementing all the daily recommendations in each of the tracks you are following.
When am I going to see the changes?
You should begin noticing the progress within 1 or 2 weeks: your sleep quality will probably improve, or you will start feeling a little better during the day. But self-improvement is a long-term process. The main goal is to adopt new habits and a new lifestyle that will help you change for the better and feel and look ten years younger.
How long do I have to use The Coach for changes to become permanent?
If your goal is to feel good every day, it makes sense to follow all the advice that The Coach provides. Even though at first it will be hard, very soon, these new habits will become your second nature. The Coach will always let you know if there are any new essential habits you should implement or any new tracks you should start following and adjust the current program following your successes. Hence our recommendation is to keep using The Coach for as long as you want to feel good.
Following the advice makes me feel worse than I did before — what should I do?
The advice given by The Coach should not make you feel worse. If this actually does happen, you should see a doctor as soon as possible! And if you are sure that it has something to do with the recommendations The Coach gave you, please let us know.
Which experts does The Coach work with?
The Coach works closely with certified physicians, nutritionists, somnologists, nutritionists, dietologists, sexologists, and psychologists, as well as personal fitness trainers, life coaches, and anti-aging specialists.

What does Coach do?
How can Coach help me?
The Coach will help you look and feel ten years younger. Following his advice will make you improve your sleep, lose weight, build muscle, become better in bed, slow down balding, have more energy, and make better decisions.
Why does Coach's advice help?
The main reason most men start to look and feel worse with age is hormonal imbalance. From a certain age, every man loses around 1% of testosterone per year, causing him to start sleeping worse, gaining fat, performing worse in the bedroom, and getting tired faster. The team behind The Coach has developed a program that will help to slow down the decrease in testosterone and restore hormonal balance leading to better overall health and mood. This is achieved by proper nutrition, better sleep habits, and sufficient physical activity.
Can Coach help lose weight?
Yes, it can, even if you are already on a diet. Proper nutrition alone is not enough to fight obesity and excess body fat — sufficient high-quality sleep and regular physical activity are incredibly crucial for weight loss. The Coach will help you develop the program to improve all three.
Can Coach help fight hair loss?
Most likely, yes. While hair loss is, for a significant part, pre-determined by your genetic makeup, it is undoubtedly affected by hormonal balance, lifestyle, and general health. Some forms of hair loss are caused by decreased testosterone levels (which is a normal part of the aging process for men). The Coach team has developed a blueprint that will help slow down the natural decrease in testosterone levels thanks to, among other factors, proper nutrition, high-quality sleep, and regular physical activity. Following this advice will help slow down the testosterone loss leading to a healthier hormonal balance and general well-being.
Can Coach help improve my sex life?
Most likely, yes. Many bedroom problems and sexual performance issues are related to testosterone deficiency. The program developed by The Coach team will help slow down the natural decrease in testosterone levels, regain a healthy hormonal balance, and with it, your sexual prowess.
Can Coach help improve my chronic conditions?
No. The Coach is not intended to cure diseases, including chronic conditions. If you are concerned with a medical issue, consult your doctor instead.
Can Coach help improve sleep?
Yes. The Coach can develop a custom program just for you that will help tackle most common sleep issues, such as insomnia, increased sleep inertia, poor sleep quality, and nighttime wakefulness.
Can Coach help with constant fatigue?
Most likely, yes. Most forms of fatigue are associated with inefficient sleep, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise. The Coach can develop a custom program just for you that will tackle these problems and help get rid of the constant fatigue.

Subscription and payment
How can I stop The Coach from messaging me?
Just uninstall the application, and The Coach will stop sending you messages. Uninstalling the app will not automatically cancel your subscription.
How do I stop The Coach subscription?
You can cancel your subscription under "Subscriptions" in AppStore settings. Uninstalling the app will not automatically cancel your subscription.
How do I delete my account?
Contact us via mail. We will help delete your account.

Support and feedback
How can I get in touch with the app support?
Contact us via mail. We will be glad to help you.
The Coach does not understand my question. What should I do?
The Coach is a chatbot, so it is possible it just does not know the answer to your question yet. Any time this happens, the app secures and anonymizes your question and notifies the developers about a problem. Then, the expert team does their research and updates the bot weekly. Check-in soon, and The Coach will probably have the answer for you.
The app does not work. What should I do?
Please, let us know via mail. We will make sure to help you solve the issue. While you are waiting for the feedback, try to reinstall the app and see if it fixes it.
I have found a bug. What should I do?
Please, let us know via mail. We appreciate all the feedback.
I want to change some of my data. How do I do that?
Unfortunately, changing your data is not possible via the app's interface just yet. Please, let us know via mail and will gladly help you.
Can I use the app with my Apple Watch?
As of yet, the app does not support Apple Watch, but we are working on it!

Main functions of The Coach
What is "Explore"?
The "Explore" section lets you access the content we thought you might find interesting or useful. Check out the "Explore" for news, articles, and videos made by men for men. All content in this section is meticulously curated and proofread by our authors and experts using only the sources we know you can trust.
What is "Today"?
The "Today" section is a daily plan containing the most important recommendations and advice for the day. Check out the "Today" to see what you should focus on right now. The Coach updates your recommendations daily, so take a look in the chat tab to see what's new.
What is "Week plan"?
The "Week Plan" section is a tailored list of recommendation The Coach suggests you focus on this week. It is regularly updated based on how you feel and what is concerning you right now. The "Week plan" is always available in your profile and is updated weekly.
What is "Week scorecard"?
The "Week scorecard" section provides an overview of your performance during the week. Every week The Coach asks for feedback to learn more about your progress and improvements. This data is compiled in a single report, providing the list of things you should focus on next week.
What is "Track"?
A Track is one of the subjects for which The Coach provides you the advice (e.g. "sports", "nutrition", "sleep", "sex"). Each Track is filled with unique recommendations, following all of which will help you get the most out of your time with The Coach. Self-improvement only happens if you are committed to changing each aspect of your life for the better.
What does the "Sport" track contain?
The "Sport" track is dedicated to strength training since it is known to be the best form of exercise for increasing your testosterone levels. You can decide for yourself whether you want to train at home or in the gym, choose the day and time of training, and the app will provide you with videos and useful tips to maximize the efficiency of your workouts.
What does the "Nutrition" track contain?
The "Nutrition" track is your personalized nutrition plan based on your unique goals and needs. It consists of a list of recommended products as well as the food you should avoid, along with an explanation and the reasoning behind each. This Track also provides individual nutrition advice that you can start gradually implementing.
What does the "Sleep" track contain?
The "Sleep" track is a set of recommendations you should follow to improve your sleep and solve problems such as insomnia, sleepiness, nighttime wakefulness, increased sleep inertia, and many others. The Coach will provide advice based on what is most relevant to your current issues and goals.
What does the "Sex" track contain?
The "Sex" track provides advice to improve your sex life and solve the problems you might be facing in the bedroom. The Coach helps you understand the root cause of the issues you are experiencing and suggests the ways to solve them. We are continually adding new material to the "Sex" track, so check back often for advice on how to avoid the sex-related problems or improve and diversify your sex life.